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Sustainable life away from home

Leading Sustainability in Professional Hygiene

Today, people spend more and more of their time in environments away from home – in workplaces, hotels, schools, restaurants and airports. This means that the demand for solutions to make life away from home more sustainable increases.
Tork helps you deliver sustainable solutions in your business operations, answering staff needs and demands. This includes everything from improved health through better hygiene, to more resource-efficient solutions to reduce waste or a better work environment for your staff. Tork are committed to creating a more Sustainable Life Away from Home.

Tork is a part of the global hygiene and health company Essity, recognised as one of the world's most sustainable companies¹




Tork has products and services that improve the work environment, and they are dedicated to raising hygiene standards for everyone away from home

Tork EasyCube®

24% cleaning rounds with improved quality data-driven cleaning²
20% time saved through data-driven cleaning, at least³

more from less

More from less

more from less

Tork provide solutions that reduce waste and carbon emissions

Tork Coreless Toilet Paper

82% less packaging waste⁴

Tork Xpressnap®

Reduces napkin consumption by at least 25%




We help your business go circular by closing the loop.

Tork Coreless PaperCircle®

Reduces the carbon footprint generated by paper hand towels by at least 40%

Cut waste from office buildings by at least 20%


¹Learn more at:

²The weighted average of results achieved by two Tork EasyCube customers, measured during 158 days, before and after the implementation of Tork EasyCube®

³Based on the documented results achieved by three Tork EasyCube customers, measured before and after the implementation of Tork EasyCube®

⁴Based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Tork Toilet paper, on the European market, conducted by Essity and verified by Swerea IVF 2017

⁵When compared to traditional napkin dispensers.

⁶Results of a life cycle analysis (LCA) conducted by Essity Tork and verified by IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute Ltd, 2017, where the avoided processes have been taken into account.

⁷Based on data from pilot clients in Germany and the Netherlands


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